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Fulton County Commissioners Authorize Tax Commissioner to Refund/Waive Ad Valorem Tax Late Penalties 

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners authorized the Fulton County Tax Commissioner to waive penalties and interest accrued by county drivers after notices of the annual taxes were delivered late. 

The move comes after the company under contract with the Georgia Department of Revenue for mailing pre-bills sent a letter on September 29, 2015 informing the State they would cease all business operations and file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  As a result of the vendor's default, some pre-bills were not sent to motor vehicle owners whose registration renewals were due in October 2015.  Some motorists also reported the back-up vendor retained by the Georgia Department of Revenue mailed some pre-bills with return envelopes that did not show the complete address for       the Tax Commissioner so that payment could be submitted but not received.

The resolution authorizes the Fulton County Tax Commissioner to waive penalties and/or interest, in whole or in part, upon motor vehicle owners meeting each of the following circumstances:

  • Motor vehicle renewals for the period beginning October 1, 2015, through and including November 30, 2015, in Fulton County, Georgia
  • The motor vehicle owner presents an Affidavit to the Tax Commissioner asserting that he or she either (a) failed to receive a pre-bill,           or (b) received a pre-bill with a remittance envelope that failed to show the complete return address of the Tax Commissioner's Office          and as a result, the remittance was marked as undeliverable and returned to sender. Click here for Affidavit.
  • Payment in full of the principal ad valorem tax and tag fee is received within sixty (60) days of the original deadline for such payment.

If reasonable cause for the late payment as described above is determined, the Fulton County Department of Finance will refund to the motor vehicle owner the appropriate amount. Once you determine you meet the above criteria, please complete a notarized affidavit and submit it to the nearest Fulton County Tax Commissioner's office along with a copy of your 2015 registration renewal receipt or mail both to 141 Pryor Street, Suite 1085, Atlanta, GA  30303.     


The Fulton County Tax Commissioner's office accepts credit/debit cards for all Motor Vehicle transactions at all locations. A 2.35% convenience fee will be charged for all credit/debit card payments.  The office also accepts credit/debit card payments for Property Tax and Solid Waste  at the Main Office downtown, the South Service Center, Greenbriar Mall Center, the North Service Center, and Alpharetta Service Center locations, a 2.95% convenience fee added for these payments.  There is no fee for paying online by electronic check. You can also pay by telephone at 404.613.6100.   


In 2016, all 1992-2013 model year gasoline-powered cars and light-duty trucks (8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating or less) are required to present proof of passing emission testing in order to renew or register in Fulton County. Vehicle model years 2014 and newer are exempt from inspection in 2016. For complete information you may contact the Georgia Clean Air Force at 800-449-2471 or visit their web site at

1992-2013 model year vehicles that are newly acquired or recently moved into the county must have proof of passing inspection within the last 12 months and must be registered within 30 days (seven days if purchased from as non-registered dealer). 


Motor Vehicle renewals can now be processed on the World Wide Web at and also by telephone at 877.496.0249. For other Motor Vehicle questions or concerns, you may contact our office at 404.613.6100

Greenbriar Mall Service Center, 2841 Greenbriar Parkway SW, Suite 106, Atlanta, GA, does not accept Cash payments for any service.

Important Dates
Property Tax:
City of Atlanta
September 30
Fulton County
October 15
Solid Waste:
September 15

Did You Know?
Dr. Arthur E. Ferdinand is the Fulton County Tax Commissioner. You can contact his office at (404) 613-6100
You can use this website to pay your property taxes as well as solid waste fees.

You can get information and forms related to motor vehicles at this website.