Returned Checks

All payments made to the Tax Commissioner's Office in the form of a personal check, business check, cashier's check or money order that are not honored by the bank at the time of delivery are handled by the Accounting Division. It may take up to two weeks from the time of delivery of the check to the bank for the bank to make determination and return the payment to this office.

For any real and personal property tax payments returned by the bank to the Accounting Division, the payment is reversed from the appropriate property as if the payment had not been made and a returned check fee applied to the property for 5% of the returned check amount, not less than $25 and not greater than $50. A letter and a new tax bill are sent to the owner of record to inform them of the returned check and current tax liability. Any property that is not paid in full by the tax due date is subject to interest, penalties, fees and possible tax foreclosure (see Delinquent Tax for tax foreclosure information).

Return Check 01

Motor vehicle and mobile home owners whose payments are returned by the bank to the Accounting Division are sent letters notifying them of the returned payments and consequences if not paid, allowing 10 days to submit payment with a returned check fee for 5% of the returned check amount, not less than $25. Payments may be made at any of the Tax Commissioner's branch locations as well as the main office and must be in the form of cash, cashier's check, certified check or money order. At the time the notice is sent out, the motor vehicle or mobile home is flagged and noted, allowing anyone using the State's system to know there is an outstanding returned check on this vehicle. If payment is received within the 10 days allowed, the flag is removed, however, the Tax Commissioner's Office policy will not allow the individual to pay by check for this motor vehicle or mobile home for a three-year period. If payment is not received within the 10 days allowed, a second notice is sent notifying the individual that the tag has been revoked, reported to law enforcement and that the dishonored check and all other information relating to the incident has been submitted to the Magistrate and/or Fulton County Marshall for the issuance and execution of a criminal warrant. It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle with a revoked license plate. Payment must then be made upon the scheduling of a court date. A $50 court fee, $100 court fee if returned check amount over $500, will be assessed at the time of the court date in addition to the amount of the returned check and returned check fee assessed by the Tax Commissioner's Office. When the payment has been satisfied, the individual will be required to return to a Fulton County Tag Office to purchase a new license plate and decal for the current year, a minimum fee of $20. Any individual with an unsatisfied returned check will not be allowed to renew the motor vehicle or mobile home the next year until payment is satisfied.