New Residents

New Resident

New Georgia residents must register their vehicles within 30 days of establishing residency.  The following is required for registration:

  • Current title
  • Last registration
  • Current odometer reading
  • A passing Georgia emission inspection is required each year for all but the 3 most current model year vehicles using gasoline as the fuel type and not weighing over 8500 pounds.  For further information please contact or call 1.800. 449.2471.
  • Your insurance must be downloaded into the State Motor Vehicle database by your Georgia insurance provider. 
  • If the vehicle is owned by two people, both owners will be required to sign the title application or provide notarized power of attorney.  If you need a power of attorney form, please visit our form section 
  • If the vehicle is in the name of a company, the applicant must have a notarized power of attorney from an officer in the company in order to register the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is leased, you will need a copy of your contract giving you power of attorney or a notarized power of attorney from the lease company.  You will also need your last registration.
  • Proof of Residency (See forms for further information.)



For title application forms, power of attorney forms, or other forms relating to new Georgia residency, please see our form section for titles.  In addition the State of Georgia, who regulates the title process, has an extensive website on all types of titling requirements at